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Curry & Beer – the perfect partnership

Saima and Nabeela

Last year the fabulous Saima, from Masala Wala Cafe, asked us to develop a bespoke lager and pale ale to accompany their mouth-watering traditional Pakistani cuisine. We were honoured, their curries are superb, freshly home-cooked by Nabeela, Saima’s mum. We’re huge fans and have been since they opened their doors at Brockley Cross three years ago.

We wanted to brew beers that would fully complement the range and depth of flavours found in their delicious dishes. After several trial brews, we cracked it. We created a crisp lager and a malt-driven bittersweet pale ale that could hold their heads up & accompany a lip-smacking Murgh Muttar or a sizzling Sabzi Masala.

Yesterday, as we sent off another batch of Masala Wala PPA for bottling, we took a moment to reflect on this great local partnership. We’re really chuffed to be collaborating with such a vibrant local restaurant, an enormous asset to the Brockley community.  Its been great getting to know the inspirational Saima and her welcoming and hardworking family. We've been supplying Masala Wala for over a year now, but we still get a buzz when we see folk tucking into a curry with one of our beers on the side!

Ben the brewer inspects the containers ready to take off a small lake of Masala Wala PPA


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