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Summer Is Here!

Regardless of whatever the weather's doing at the moment, it's definitely meant to be summer now right? So without hesitation, nor consulting with the Met Office, we've gone ahead and brewed this year's Summer Ale (3.3% ABV) in cask, to coax out the sun and usher forth the heatwave.

This season's special is a light, refreshing golden ale, brewed with Elderflowers and special Honey Malt, the latter imparting a subtle sweetness to the beer, together with its resplendent golden hue. A liberal sprinkling of Elderflowers, just after the boil, gives our Summer Ale it's uniquely fresh and fruity flavour; whilst a light smattering of Admiral and Rakau hops gently coax forward notes of pear and lychee, complimenting the flowers' own distinctive floral aroma. At 3.3% ABV, it's perfect company for whiling away the afternoon hours and basking with in the sunshine. Pairs well with BBQs and deckchairs.

Available from our online shop in 2 and 4 pint cartons as well as on draft at both our Brockley Taproom and Hither Green Taproom!


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