40L Real Ale Bright Cask (price includes £50 deposit)

Brockley Brewery Real Ale Cask 40L


An ENTIRE cask of South East London's finest beer! This traditional 9 gallon (40L) cask boasts around 70 pints of our beautiful real ale! Before placing your order, it's always best to give us a call on 07814 584338 to discuss what beers we have available and when we can prepare your cask for collection. It's also a good chance to explain a little more about how to look after your cask and manage the beer, as well as using the equipment we'll provide you with to pour from it! 


Ideally, we will need at least 48h notice to prepare your cask, and the more notice we have, the better. So, if you're planning a party for Saturday, do let us know you're keen for our beer to make a guest appearance by Thursday at the very latest. 




Please note a £50 refundable deposit (already included in price shown) is added to all cask purchases .


Please refer to this page when setting up your cask at home. Upon collection of your cask you will be provided with these items:


Brockley Cask User Guide


Until you're ready to tap your cask and begin pouring (and drinking!) please be sure to store it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight (like a cold, dark garage). The beer in the cask is "bright", meaning it has already been conditioned in cask, then poured into a clean sterile cask, and so there's no need to let it settle like you might expect - we've done that bit for you already! This also means you can move the cask around and knocking it won't cause any problems for the beer inside.


First, you'll need to sit the cask on the wire rack provided - laying down and leaning forward so that the small plug on the curved side of the cask (the shive) is facing skyward and the other plug on the flat top of the cask (the keystone) is facing towards you, at the bottom.


Next, hammer the small wooden "spile" through the shive (at the very top of the cask on it's curved side), enough to break the seal but so that it can easily be loosened and removed by hand (pliers might be handy if it's stuck in there too tight). This hole will allow air to displace the beer inside the cask when you're pouring so that a vaccum isn't created, preventing the beer from flowing - just think teapot physics!


Finally, you're ready to tap your cask - although beware, this part can get a little wet! Hammer the tap into the keystone (the plug on the flat of the cask facing towards you at the bottom) until no more beer can escape and the seal is nice and tight. Make sure the tap is closed before you do this (otherwise it'll be an even wetter business!) and that the metal spout is left off until you're ready to pour your first pint.


It's good practice to seal the cask with the spile during longer periods when you aren't pouring - just by gently pressing it into the shive. If you're spreading the cask across a weekend, it's certainly important to do this overnight when the cask isn't being used, stopping unwelcome visitors and preventing the beer from going flat.


The beer will be at its best on the day you collect your cask, however, it will last for up to 3 days if kept cool. Whilst it won't "go off" during this time, it will naturally begin to deteriorate and won't be tasting at it's best.


That's pretty much it! It's not exactly rocket science - unless you're writing it all down! Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please email hello@brockleybrewery.co.uk or, better still, give us a call on 07814 584338.


For reference, here's a list of everything we'll supply with the cask (and everything we'll need returning!)


  • Spile
  • Hammer
  • Pump clip
  • Double sided velcro
  • Cask jacket
  • Cask tap
  • Cask rack

40L Real Ale Bright Cask (price includes £50 deposit)


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