Steeped in time-honoured German heritage, our crisp, refreshing Lager is now available unfiltered for maximum flavour. Time-matured and traditionally brewed using Pilsner malts and Noble Hersbrucker hops, this wonderfully hazy Lager has a pleasant hint of citrus with fresh, grassy notes. 4.1% ABV.


The Brockley Brewery Mini-keg


Our mini-kegs hold 5 litres of beer – almost 9 pints. 


Our beers are fresh. The mini-kegs have a shelf life of 5 weeks, but once they are opened, it is best to drink the beer within 4 days. but it does last 7 days. 


The mini-keg is simple to operate. There is a link to an online guide on the keg. Or simply follow the following steps:


1.    Vent the Keg

Vent the keg by opening the red valve on top of the keg. Lift the red handle, and turn it anti-clockwise giving it a quarter turn


2.    Getting ready to pour

Place the keg on the edge of a stable, flat surface. Bend the red tab on the front of the keg towards you and pull out the tap. The stem will ease out of the keg.


3.    Pouring the beer

Hold a tilted glass under the tap. Turn the tap anti-clockwise to pour the beer.  Pour the beer down the side of the glass.


4.    Close the Tap

Close the tap by turning clock-wise. It is not necessary to push in the tap after every use.


Top Tips


Once opened, the beer will stay fresh for up to 3 days as long as you keep the beer refrigerated.


Make sure that the keg is cold before you serve your beer. If it is too warm, it may create a lot of foam when pouring. 




Free beer delivery to residents of SE4, SE12 + SE13!

£2 delivery for all other SE London postcodes!

£5 delivery for the rest of the UK!


Please leave your number in the order so we can arrange a good delivery time or leave your delivery request in the order notes, thanks!

Unfiltered Lager 5L Mini Keg


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