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altbier launch at Brockley Brewery taproom 10th October

On Thursday 10th October we are launching the ALTBIER!

At Brockley Brewery we are big fans of a little holiday called Oktoberfest, the world's biggest 'Volksfest' otherwise known as a beer and folk festival where large quantities of Oktoberfest beer are consumed. In celebration of this year's beer festival we have brewed a new beer which originates in Dusseldorf, called Altbier!

Altbier is darker than regular beer, has a light/medium body and a slightly bitter, fruity, hop taste. (A note for real beer geeks: We brewed it using the top-fermenting, cold-aged method). Our beer is slightly malty and has a sessionable ABV of 4.5%.

Sound good?

Well come to the brewery from 5.30-9pm on Thursday and try it for yourself!


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