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Changing times for the Brockley Brewery online cycle delivery service. Having maintained a 7 day weekly delivery service from the beginnings of the COVID-19 lockdown to date; it is now time for a tweak to our much loved delivery service. As much as we would like to still roll with the current model - logistical and rising operational costs mean that the model requires a rethink in order for Brockley Brewery to continue to offer it within the SE London postcodes.

The new weekly delivery window will be from Wednesday - Saturday. It will still continue much like it has done before. Just place your order before 11am within the new delivery window to receive same day delivery. Should you place an order at any point of the week and wish to have it delivered on a specific day between Wednesday and Saturday - simply add a note about this at the checkout.

Check this link: Delivery FAQ. If you have any further questions please email:


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