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Hither Green Panino!

Meet Filippo master of the Panino! Rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor, Dulwich's Caffe Salva comes to Hither Green every Saturday and Sunday selling the best Panino in all of London. Proprietor Filippo, hailing from Calabria in the toe of Italy, is insanely passionate about food and extremely particular about where it's sourced. In his inimitable, animated way, he tells us;

"I select personally all ingredients for our “Panini Gourmet". When I go to Calabria, I'm always looking for small organic farms that can satisfy the needs of my customers' palate. Everything must be done respecting nature and the territory. For these, I choose organic products made by small families with organic certification."

New to Hither Green, we asked him what he thought of the area, and he is quick to tell us that he loves our locals because they share his desire for quality. "People here want the best and we try to give our customers just that, the very best that money can buy." Come see for yourself why Filippo and his food get such rave reviews.


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