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Autumn Rye PA available for delivery now!

With summer drawing to a close, we've brewed up a fabulous Autumnal Special to see us through the shorter days and chillier nights.

Our wonderful Rye PA is a celebration of darker, toastier rye malts, giving the beer it's rich amber hue and imparting warm spicy overtones - all whilst leaving a clean, dry, biscuity finish.   We've delicately balanced the brew with Admiral, Challenger, Brambling Cross and Chinook hops, bringing a bouquet of extra spice together with subtle flavours of hedgerow fruits and gentle citrus.   Choose from our 2 or 4 pint milk cartons or go all out and get a 5L bag in box of our Autumn special. Milk cartons are best on the first day however our 5L option last 3-4 days once opened. 


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