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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

EDIT: As of Monday 23rd March Brockley Brewery takeaway shop closed it's doors to the public and became a staff only site so Brockley delivery service could flourish and run for as long as possible.

As of Friday 20th March, the Government advised pubs, bars, restaurants and places of entertainment to close.

We are closing our taprooms tonight and will be running an OFF LICENSE/BEER SHOP daily from 2pm to 7pm instead.

We are also offering a FREE HOME DELIVERY service within a 1.5 mile radius of both of our sites beginning on Sunday 22nd March.

Hopefully, we can raise moral in this strange time, please read on for more details!


Brockley Taproom will be open as a shop tonight (Friday 20th March) until 9pm and Saturday 12-9pm.

From Sunday 22nd March we will only be opening from 2-7pm each day.

We will be setting our shop up at the front door so come and say hi, grab a beer for later and have a nice walk from your work at home office.


We take COVID-19 very seriously and want to make sure you know that we are following strict hygiene procedures to reduce the risk of spread whilst we are operating, please see below:

1. Shop staff will be wearing gloves at all times.

2. Increased cleaning of shop spaces.

3. Staff are letting us know daily if they experience a cough or

temperature and self-isolating if so.

4. We won’t be opening cans or bottles.

5. We will be filling cartons for takeaway, mini pins and polypins

whilst wearing protective gloves.

6. We will not be refilling cartons.

7. Card payments only.


When ordering online or over the phone please let us know if you have symptoms or are simply self-isolating so we can run the correct protocol when delivering your order.

Everyone is welcome to pop by our beer shop but please take a rain check if you are feeling unwell.

We will continue to review the situation as it develops, please keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support, we wish everyone the best in this troubled time and look forward to a drink with you all very soon!



Brockley Brewery Team


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