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On Wednesday 08/04/2020 at 11am we will be adding Masala Wala PPA cans to our online shop!

In the spirit of supporting community, local business and just good old friends we've decided to sell this fabulous, tasty contract brew on behalf of the epic team at Masala Wala Cafe.

As many of you know, Masala Wala founder Saima Thompson is living with stage 4 lung cancer and has recently started a crowdfunder in aid of drug options that are not available on the NHS.

Brockley Brewery want to help so we are comminitting to donate £1 from every Masala Wala PPA can purchase to Saima's crowdfunder. That means every four pack we sell earns Saima's fund £4!

Lets do this, lets support local business, lets help out an outstanding member of the community and lets drink some tasty beer.

To go to Saima's crowdfunder, click here


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