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Updated: May 21, 2020

Delivery service and Shop health & safety regulations explained

Since the Government advised pubs, bars, restaurants and places of entertainment to close, on Friday 20th March, we have been running a beer delivery service alongside a weekend brewery shop.

We are adhering to strict health & safety procedures in order to make sure both these options are consistent with government advice and keep people safe.

Please see below for health & safety procedures carried out by our delivery service.

1. Staff are assigned to same shift teams to limit social interaction.

2. All packers and delivery staff wear gloves whilst preparing orders and wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds every 30 minutes.

3. Staff are able to socially distance whilst at work; working side by side 2 metres away from each other.

4. Staff are not allowed to congregate at break times, we have staggered break times so staff maintain social distancing during breaks.

5. Staff let us know daily if they experience a cough or temperature and self-isolate if so.

6. Staff conduct a full clean down of the entire premises when they finish for the day on top of regular cleaning throughout shifts.

5. Delivery staff access the orders in a separate space to the packers and always wear gloves.

6. Delivery staff and packing staff use separate entrances to ensure they stay 2 metres apart as much as possible.

7. All deliveries are contactless. We will place your order at your door, knock then step back to the street. We do need to see you collect your order as we must see you are over 18. If you do not answer we will then ring you. If we are unable to deliver, we will try again the next day.

8. Brockley Brewery site is completely staff only to reduce contact with public and maintain the delivery service as long as possible.

Please read on for the health & safety procedures enacted at Hither Green shop.

1. Shop staff wear gloves at all times.

2. Social distancing is enforced between staff, customers and customers and staff by the shop set up.

3. We have increased our cleaning of brewery spaces to decrease risk of contamination.

4. Shop staff do not open any bottles or cans for customers.

5. We do not refill cartons or mini kegs once used.

6. Card payments only.

7. There is hand sanitiser available on the front desk of the shop for customer use.

8. Staff let us know daily if they experience a cough or temperature and self-isolate if so.

9. Shop staff only work the shop.

Advice for Customers, please read on as this is equally important to how the staff conduct themselves.

When ordering online please let us know if you have symptoms or are simply self-isolating so we can run the correct protocol when delivery your order.

Everyone is welcome to pop by our Hither Green Taproom shop but please take a rain check if you are feeling unwell.

Whilst queuing for our Hither Green shop please maintain a 2 metre distance from customers and staff at all times.

Stay Safe

Stay Kind

Brockley Brewing Co.


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