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Donate your hops for our green hop ale!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Bring your hops to Brockley Brewery and we will use them in our green hop brew this September!

The green hop harvest is fast approaching so we've decided to brew another green hop ale! Last year we harvested our own hops at a farm in Kent but this year we've decided to use the most local hops we can find...

With everyone's gardens flourishing during lockdown we'd like to invite you to donate the hops from your garden and we will use them to create this year's Green Hop Ale! For anyone who's sat reading this wondering what on earth a green ale is...let us explain.

The green hop ale is brewed with just-picked hops rather than dried hops, hence the 'green' element. These hops are only available during the harvest period as they are picked from the bine and used, ideally, within 24hrs. As these hops are at their freshest and full of moisture and flavour they allow brewers to create beers with completely different characteristics.

Brewing a green hope ale is very exciting as you can't be sure how it will turn out, however last year's was exceptional and we expect nothing less from this years brew.

In order to donate your hops to our brew please bring them to either of our two sites on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th September.

Brockley Brewery, 31 Harcourt Road, Brockley, SE4 2AJ

Hither Green Taproom, Unit 28 Chiltonian Industrial Estate, Manor Lane, SE12 0TX


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