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Liquorsmiths x Brockley Brewery

Lewisham IPA - Order Now For Weekend Delivery!

We’re all about Paradise.

Not to be found in Alicante, Biarritz or California, nay this Paradise is not of sun or sand, but bricks, beats and Brockley Brewery.

It’s name; South East London, and you only need a train ticket to get there…

Or a bottle of Brockley’s Lewisham IPA!

This tipple is perfect for any activity inside Lewisham, outside Lewisham, or with your pal and mine Lewis Ham! Dry, fruity and heavily hopped, with dark caramel malts giving it a beautiful copper colour, and Munich malt providing depth to this brew.

We brewed this little number for our good friends at Liquorsmiths, who stock the finest artisan spirits in South East London. Ahead of their launch, we’ve got them on our shelves and online for a limited time only! When they’re gone, head over to Liquorsmiths’ website to get more, and see what other beverages they’re stocking.

Inspired by local offerings sampled on their international travels, as well as by their south London home, Deborah and Alex are on a mission to introduce traditional flavours familiar to some of London's diverse communities in new and innovative liquors. Liquorsmiths will feature a range of Old Tom gins and spiced rum which reimagine the rich heritage of drinks Deborah and Alex have enjoyed on their travels (from Danish Akvavit, Bulgarian Rakia to Nigerian Ogogoro) in a way that celebrates their love for their local area; Lewisham.

We were delighted to be asked to brew this for Deborah and Alex, and can’t wait to try their spirit selection. Visit their site at to sign up to their mailing list, so you’ll never miss a drop!

Order before 11am on Saturday for weekend delivery across SE London!


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