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Putting a Spring in Your Step!

Ah, Spring.

A time for decluttering, daffodils, and divinely floral brews.

And we’re confident that this’ll be the seasonal offering that’ll make you stop and go “mmmmm, aaaahhhhhhh”

Introducing, The Spring IPA. You’re gonna love it.

On the grain bill; a pale ale base, with some pilsner malts added to ensure smoothness. We started how we meant to go on, with drinkability being the key throughout the brew. The malt profile is subtle, providing the perfect balance to the green medley at work in tank.

Hopwise, we’re taking you on a long voyage. A vibrant blend of New Zealand’s finest export hops; Rakau, Waimea, and Kohatu, weaved together seamlessly.

All this hard work leaves us with a delicate, intriguing IPA with a unique character; imparting splashes of juicy tropical fruit, citrus peels, and fresh botanical notes evoking Spring’s first bloom.

Divine and then some.

You need more newness?

With the help of our new canning partner, Them That Can, we’ve dressed our Spring in a fine canny regalia. More durable, more recyclable, and more ring pulls to turn into necklaces! Keep an eye out for more of our range in can, very soon indeed!


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