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Simply Red

We’re proud of our Red. We cant remember a time it’s not been on the brew schedule, and you all seem to love it!

When our new Head Brewer Dario got his expert lips around it, he saw a mighty foundation, just needing a dash of his Lombardian love to reach perfection!

It’s one of the reasons we love Dario; he’s never a man to rest on his laurels.

The trusty hops haven’t changed: Chinook and Cascade to nail that American flavour. Dario has put the emphasis on the dry hop for this brew, adding divine notes of pine and smoke. A warming salve for those without a roaring fire in these chilly months!

But the real sorcery comes from the malt. Adding malted wheat makes for a perfect head with every pour, while the Crystal Medium brings out hints of caramel, adding to the beer’s complexity. Roasted barley gives our Ale its rouge hue, but Daz has one more trick up his sleeve…

The piece du resistance, Special X Malt. This adds a multitude of red fruit flavours; think strawberry, raspberry, or a redcurrant if you’re so inclined. This final zhoosh evokes a botanical whisper, harking back to days spent picking berries.

As we said, we’re proud of our Red. Which is why we’re encouraging any waverers to stop wavering, and give it a go!

So for the start of the week, to help you all up off the starting blocks, we’ve got our own version of Red Letter Days…

It’s our gift to you; a heartfelt thank you for all your support, and us putting our money where our mouth is!

Early Week Offer - Go out after Sunday 11am

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 2 pints of Red Ale is £5, and a 4 pinter is just £10!

Get your chops round that!


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