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Table Beer Drop!

Today is the day we welcome our Table Beer to the Brockley Brewery line-up. This little 2.8% ABV number can be had at our Harcourt Taproom from keg to tap today from open doors at 5pm.

So without further a do, let us introduce you to what Will our Head Brewer has come up with:

Brockley Brewery Table Beer (2.8% ABV)

Our Table Beer is an uncompromising brew, punching high above its low ABV with a staggering dry-hop of Simcoe, Citra and Chinook. Precariously balanced against a light malt backdrop, these hops combine to impart a smooth, citrussy bitterness together with an intense aromatic bouquet of grapefruit, lime and tropical fruits. Thoroughly refreshing, and with a crisp, zesty finish, this beer belongs on your table.

It is also Vegan Friendly!

Keep your eyes peeled in the online shop for the arrival of the can option, coming soon!


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