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Updated: May 5, 2020

Purchase two bottles of beer for the Binnies and Brockley Brewery will match funds up to £200 a month!

"At Brockley Brewery we are in awe of all the hardworking people who are keeping this world going. With this in mind we have launched our Beer for Binmen campaign to celebrate the continued hard work that the Bin Men and Women have put in despite the challenging circumstances.

We would be in a mess without them so please, say thank you to the men and women who collect our bins and keep our streets clean. Say thank you with a beer!"

- Andy Rowland, Founding Partner

Purchase two bottles of beer for £5 for the local binmen and women on our website. You can purchase beer for the binmen and women as a sole product or alongside products for yourself. We will not send the 'Beer for Binnies' to yourself.

If you are only purchasing 'beer for the binnies' then please don't select a delivery fee as we will be delivering the beer to the binnies for free. You will still have to enter your address in order for the purchase to be fulfilled, of course the beer will not be sent to your address.

At the end of the month we will add up the amount donated by yourselves and deliver the beer to the binmen and women. We will also match the donations up to £200 and add those beers to the delivery.

You can purchase 'Beer for the Binnies' alongside a purchase for yourself.

To purchase two bottles of beer for the local binmen and women please follow this link:


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