Please note a £50 refundable deposit (already included in price shown) is added to all cask purchases.


We also need 48hrs notice for 'bright' beer. (if you need it more urgently than this please give us a ring first before ordering).


Please refer to this page when setting up your cask at home. Upon collection of your cask you will be provided with these items:


  • Spial
  • Hammer
  • Pump clip
  • Double sided velcro
  • Cask jacket
  • Cask tap
  • Cask rack

When you get your cask home, please put it somewhere cold for storage. Our beer is live so it continues to ferment in the cask and needs at least 24 hours to settle. When you are ready to use it, set up the cask on the rack, leaning forward. Take the spial and hammer it through the blue plug, then loosen the spial. Once this is done, take the cask tap and hammer into the grey plug until beer stops flowing.


You are ready to go! If you have any questions, please email

Cask 40L (Firkin) - (price includes returnable £50 deposit)