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Lovers Rock Beer Launch

Brockley Brewery launches new Lovers Rock beer range in celebration of reggae movement by the same name

Launch party at The Wickham Arms, 4th March 6pm - 12am

Lovers Rock is the first truly home-grown reggae style music in Britain, much of which was recorded at Dennis Harris's Eve Records studio at Upper Brockley Road, SE4, the base too for Dennis Harris's Lovers Rock label.

Brockley Brewing Company have produced a limited, special edition, range called Lovers Rock Beer to celebrate the distinctive style of popular music, which changed the trajectory of Reggae as a whole.

One Drop Pale Ale (4.6%ABV) is a pale amber with a grapefruit citrus aroma balanced alongside an incredible green hoppy flavour built onto yummy biscuit undertones.

Steppers Extra Stout (5.5%ABV) is a rich, dark beer with a chocolate aroma, made extra by the addition of lactose for an extra sweet taste balanced by the roast malt. Both beers are named after reggae drum beats; the One Drop and the Steppers beat.

The Lovers Rock beers will be launched at The Wickham Arms on Wednesday 4th March from 6pm – 12am. A selection of DJs will play Lovers Rock music throughout the night including a Lovers Rock musician Dennis Bovell.

Peckham Soul Sept 2015 blog interviewed Dennis Bovell; in his words:

‘Lovers Rock came through the efforts of myself and other London based musicians like John Kpiaye, Janet Kay, Drummie Zeb, Caroll Thompson, Alan Weekes, Tony Gad, Jah Bunny, Noel 'Fish' Salmon, Michael 'Bammy' Rose, Rico Rodriguez, Eddy Thornton, Steve Gregory, Brown Sugar, Mad Professor, Sandra Cross, Black Steel, Webby Jay, Tradition, Matumbi wanting to create our own Reggae style. We needed to create a style that represented us on the dance floor/party scene.

In Southeast London, Eve Studios in Brockley was the home of the Lovers Rock label.’

Come along, try the beer and speak to the musicians and brewers behind the idea.

The Wickham Arms, 69 Upper Brockley Rd, London SE4 1TF


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